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If you're looking for experienced plasterers to carry out any exterior plastering, then our team can help. Get in touch today to discuss either a home or commercial rendering project. 

Exterior Plastering

Types of Rendering

External traditional rendering

Harborough Plastering offers external traditional sand and cement rendering to give a flat, even look which can then be painted or trowel-texted.

Monocouche rendering

We highly recommend our extremely durable and popular through coloured Weber Monocouche renders. Monocouche rendering is suitable for various types of buildings and offers many options for eye-catching decorative finishes, while also providing excellent weather protection and resistance. Harborough Plastering provides the full range of 144 Monocouche colours, and our skilled tradesmen are able to use Monocouche renders to provide unique architectural features like ashlars along with smooth, scraped or textured surface options.

What is rendering?

In short, rendering is exterior plastering. A render typically used to both patch-up the exterior brickwork and improve the aesthetic of a building or structure. 

What are the benefits of rendering?

As well as a great way to improve the looks of a building or structure, rendering helps to protect from fire and water damage.

What surfaces can be rendered?

Most common surfaces can be rendered including red brick, clay brick and much more. If you are unsure as to whether your surface can be rendered, then please get in touch. 

What material is used for rendering?

Rendering is made up of a composition of lime gypsum, sand and cement, bonding agents, drying additives and colouring. Lime gypsum is key to giving the coating its creamy appearance and smooth finish. Finer sand must be used in the rendering mixture to create the coveted finish.

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